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Vixen Muscle Athletes
At the time I decided to start the Vixen Muscle Program I was going through a hard emotional episode in my life. I had recently gone thru a miscarriage and was not feeling well at all. I have always enjoyed exercising and going to the gym every chance I got. This time I took it more seriously and wanted to feel good about myself. As I started to notice the results, I got the urge to continue and felt I could do it. I wanted to be healthy and fit so I can be there for my family. I would like to compete as it would be a great challenge for me. It would also proof that if you really want to reach a goal and you give it all you got, it is possible.
Iris Rijos

I just want to express my gratitude and share my magic secret with everybody that struggles with weight loss. I have been working out for over five years. At the beginning of my journey at 193 pounds, I did cardio 5 times a week but I continued to eat normally and I did not see any improvement. I decided to start a low carb diet and I lost 18 pounds in a year. I started to attend more classes at the gym cycling, body pump, zumba and body step but I plateau and I my motivation started to decrease. One day I was at the beauty salon and my hairdresser showed me a before and after picture of my former Zumba instructor and the results were amazing! I asked my friend about the program and she told me about Vixen. The only thing I have to say is that Vixen is the best kept secret that exists! I lost 18 pounds and 13% of body fat in 2 months and a half. I do not want to only talk about pounds but I was able to finally see the transformation in my body. I feel healthier, more energetic plus I met a lot of wonderful people that kept me motivated during the training. I am very grateful for Shauna who kept me on track and provided me with her suggestions. I will definitely recommend Vixen to anybody pursuing a healthier lifestyle!  

Here goes....

This past summer a personal good friend of mine invited me to participate in a group fitness class offered at HP Fitness in Harker Heights, Texas. I had started a weight loss journey prior to attending the class and had plateau with my weight loss. I was discouraged and was wondering what I was doing wrong. I was looking for something that was going to make me work harder, faster and produce positive results. After taking the class with the group fitness manager I felt like this was something that I could do to push myself inside and out.  

Being that I am a full time mother and military spouse I also felt like this could be something that I could learn and take with me wherever the military stationed me along with my family. I decided to take the summer of 2013 to train with an all-woman fitness boot camp called Vixen Muscle instructed by Shauna Creaman Anduze. I loved it tremendously and loved the energy I felt when I trained with the group.  

My spouse had just returned from a deployment from Afghanistan and I also decided that I wanted to partake in a boudouir photo shoot. This seemed a bit out of my comfort zone but in the end I was able to find myself feeling beautiful and good about myself after seeing the results I had attained with the program. I was also able to make lasting friendships and connections with women that shared the same fitness ideas.

 I am ever so thankful for all the ladies with Vixen Muscle group. Shauna Cremean Anduze gave me the push that I needed to be able to move forward... for that I am ever so grateful and thankful It was a great experience and I plan to continue training from a far for a future/hopeful figure competition in 2014! I will TRAIN LIKE A VIXEN AND ACT LIKE A LADY  

Alba Garcia
Bernice Haro
My husband and I changed our nutritional preferences to a whole foods, plant based vegetarian/vegan diet in 2013 for the health benefits of a clean diet. Then my husband started lifting weights and made an awesome transformation gaining lean muscle mass. Since he looked so good, I needed to get back into shape and build a bigger butt. I started doing work out videos at home to build a butt and did my normal running on the treadmill or outside on the trails. I never lifted weights or knew what to do on the weight machines, so I needed guidance on how to weight lift.
 My husband and I researched local gyms with classes for weight lifting. Luckily we came across Vixen Muscle by Shauna Cremean Anduze and it was right down the street from me in Harker Heights, TX. It was meant to be. I signed up at the gym and met Shauna at the end of March 2013. I told her I wanted to learn how to lift weights. Her Vixen Muscle classes are available every week day in the morning and in the evening with some classes on Saturdays so that flexibility was very convenient for my busy schedule.  
After about 2 months of working out consistently and eating right, I saw great results and absolutely got addicted to working out at the gym with my ladies. Working out with the group of ladies in Vixen Muscle has been awesome and I have made great friends. Shauna asked if I wanted to compete and initially I thought I was not ready yet. However, I decided it would be a good goal to work towards and with my schedule - I needed to do it sooner than later. I went to observe my first NPC competition at the Adela Garcia Classic and one of the Vixen Muscle ladies Jordan Dunn was there too. She was prepping for competition as well and she said her goal was to win and become a Pro. I quickly realized all the money and time that goes into preparing for a competition and I understood why she wanted to win! So it became my goal to win as well, and I might as well get a Pro card while I’m at it.  
My husband and I were using for supplements and workout clothes. I entered a 6 week Strong to the COR challenge that involved prizes and was based on a transformation and how active the person was on Bodyspace. I decided to do that challenge just to keep me motivated and maybe I could win something too. I started posting my before pictures and then daily pictures of what I ate everyday to keep me accountable for my diet. I am vegetarian/vegan so I also wanted to demonstrate how I ate and also gained muscle. I posted my workouts and was inspired and motivated by all the other people on Bodyspace working on their fitness goals. I didn’t win the 6 week challenge, but I definitely made a transformation as I was preparing for my first NPC Bikini competition.  
I set out rather far-fetched goals on a short timeline for my competitions to eventually earn a Pro card. First I was going to win a medal in my first competition at the South Texas Showdown in August, then I needed to qualify for Nationals at Europa the week after, then I would win at Nationals and earn my Pro card in November 2013. Ridiculous I know, but I was in it to win it. I competed at Nationals in November 2013 but did not win a Pro card. However, it’s been an unbelievable ride and Shauna, my husband and my Vixen muscle friends have been supporting me all the way.  
I still have my goal towards becoming an IFFB Pro and I will continue to train with Shauna and Vixen Muscle as long as I can. No matter what, I have made eating clean and working out as part of my lifestyle and there is no looking back.  

Linda Pearson
"Act Like a Lady, Train Like a Vixen"
Lauren Pearce
Heba Bullock
Yarelis Ramos
Shawna Bleyl
Sara Long
 IFBB Pro Reanna Johnson 
2015 Adela Garcia Class 
1st Place Open B Class 
1st Place Novice B 
Overall Figure
2015 NPC Nationals Miami
1st Place F Class -Earned Pro Card

Start Date 1.1.15 
7th NPC USA's Class F
Final NPC Nationals -Earned IFBB PRO CARD 
Start Date 3.1.15 
Jr. USA's 2016 2nd Place Women's Physique